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1612, 2019

Thunderbolt Named In Most Promising Startups

By |Thunderbolt University|

For Immediate Release Thunderbolt Named in the Top 50 Most Promising Startups Dover, NH,  DECEMBER 13, 2019 - Thunderbolt, a leading provider of predictive analytic software for the construction industry, announced today it has been named to Cemex Venture’s 50 [...]

612, 2019

Ditch Your Construction Spreadsheets

By |Education, Thunderbolt University|

Why should you ditch your construction spreadsheets? You know the construction industry is changing; moving more and more digital. When you ditch your construction spreadsheets and invest in one of those technologies, a CRM system, you significantly improve the operations [...]

2607, 2019

Protect your organization from hidden construction costs

By |Thunderbolt University|

If you pride yourself on anything, it’s your preparation skills. You have jobs lined up often months in advance, you maintain materials and staff well, and you genuinely feel confident that you have this construction manager thing in the bag. [...]

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