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1704, 2018

Collision 2018 – Artificial Intelligence for the Construction Industry

By |Press|

Thunderbolt Innovation is set to announce their new exclusive Bid Management Artificial Intelligence powered estimating system, EDIE™, at the New Orleans Collision Conference on May 1, 2018. We're excited to be announcing one of the first, if not the first [...]

1704, 2018

Understanding construction artificial intelligence

By |Technology|

“Hey Siri, Google ‘Artificial Intelligence,’” I say as I begin to write this article. Here’s what she found on Wikipedia for me: “Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and [...]

1104, 2018

Introducing the Estimating Data Intelligence Engine (EDIE)

By |Education, Technology, Thunderbolt University|

What is EDIE? EDIE stands for “Estimating Data Intelligence Engine” and is a core part of Thunderbolt Pipeline’s bid estimating system. It is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that helps your company’s estimators create bids that increase profitability, while simultaneously [...]

2702, 2018

The Industry’s Fastest Growing Construction Careers

By |Thunderbolt University|

The construction industry offers a variety of jobs that are increasing at an enormous rate. The construction industry is more diverse than you would think. Regardless of the role, most construction careers require a lot of problem solving and self-motivation. As [...]

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