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606, 2019

Thunderbolt Innovation selected as a winner of the CEMEX Ventures Construction Startup 2019 Competition.

By |Press|

Thunderbolt Innovation will travel to Mexico to present at the CEMEX Ventures Pitchday event. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 6, 2019              Dover, New Hampshire – Thunderbolt Innovation, a Dover NH based construction software company, announced today they have been selected [...]

3105, 2019

A Recipe To Improve Construction Productivity

By |Education, Thunderbolt University|

Help your organization improve construction productivity and you’d be one step ahead of your competition. Did you know 28% of employees’ time is often spent checking email, and 20% is spent tracking down information or internal resources? This is a [...]

1605, 2019

Root Out This Construction Business Killer Today

By |Thunderbolt University|

Name three things that, in your opinion, are construction business killers... Lack of professionalism? Sure. A bad bid on a project? Yup. Missing a deadline? Absolutely. But something is missing from this list; something big. The “we’ve always done it [...]

2604, 2019

Construction Job Scheduling and Workforce Planning

By |Thunderbolt University|

Imagine a world (or at least a construction site) where power tools, bucket trucks, and cement mixers didn’t exist. How much more difficult would your job be? Thankfully, you’ve never had to worry about not having those things. Using them [...]

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