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103, 2019

Constructing the Green New Deal – Pros and Cons

By |Construction News, Environment, Thunderbolt University|

The Green New Deal is a hot topic today. The main objective of this ambitious economic proposal is to focus infrastructure investments on solutions which use renewable energy sources with an end goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. The Deal [...]

1502, 2019

Six ways subcontractors stay busy in the winter months.

By |Thunderbolt University|

Can Subcontractors stay busy in the winter months? When you live in regions like New England or the Midwest, winter weather is unpredictable at best, and just plain freezing at worst. While most people have the luxury of hunkering down [...]

802, 2019

Thunderbolt’s Gear Guide: Must Have Gear For Winter Jobs

By |Thunderbolt University|

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean construction projects come to a halt. Very few home or business owners will opt to start a construction project in the winter if given the choice, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Emergencies come up or [...]

2501, 2019

Urban Sprawl vs. Smart Growth: Where is it heading in 2019?

By |Construction News, Environment, Thunderbolt University|

Is 2019 the year to curb urban “sprawl” in exchange for smart growth? According to newurbanism.org, sprawl is defined as, “development that is dispersed, auto-dependent, single use, and impossible to walk to your daily needs.” This type of urban sprawl [...]

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