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Real-Time Collaboration

Notification System & Tracking

Cloud Native

Move at the speed of your team! Upload notes and documents to the secure cloud so your team can access in real-time on any device.

Stay on top of your business! Assign tasks to your team members and automatically add them to your calendar as a reminder.

Cloud software is ready when you are, no install time, 5-Minute setup. It really couldn’t get any easier.

Thunderbolt Pipeline
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Discover how Thunderbolt Pipeline can increase your margins and make running your business easier.


With the labor shortage, the best way to increase margins is to be more efficient. We have developed three specific feature sets in our Construction Bid Management Software that will help your business stay efficient and win more business.

Construction Bid Management Software to Increase Margins, Efficiency, and Planning.

We searched and searched for an end-to-end cloud-based construction bid management software suite. Finally, we gave up and just built it ourselves. Made exclusively for Subcontractors and Contractors looking to manage their entire operation and customer base but keep a sharp eye on margins, Thunderbolt Pipeline is the ultimate solution for businesses looking for an (almost) unfair edge.

Start unleashing your company's full potential today!

Discover how Thunderbolt Pipeline can give your company an almost unfair advantage.