Why file management is important to your construction business

File management software is a must-have for your construction company

When you hear the phrase “file management” you might be thinking, “Filing is so outdated.” While that is true, in the construction business you are never free and clear of filing whether it be paper or electronic documentation. But filing doesn’t have to be the old school idea that you may have in your mind. In today’s world, file management is done through mobile applications and software.

Because there are so many moving parts to a construction business (and each individual job) companies are often using multiple resources to document the different parts of a job. Without a proper file management system, important information could very easily be misplaced.

But that’s not the only reason to invest in file management software – here are a few more to consider.


One centralized location for all documentation.

Having a cloud-based technology that you can not only upload files into but also one that allows you to actually create documents on the go will help simplify every process. If you don’t need to use paper for one part of a project and then a mobile app for another, think how much quicker your filing will be. Plus, you can access billing documents, change orders, payment requests and more in one easy-to-access location.

More standardized processes across your company.

Everyone at your company surely has a way they prefer to do things but, when it comes to keeping tabs on important files, that’s not always a good thing. A file management system allows you to standardize that process. Now you and your team will all be on the same page.

Hold your employees accountable.

File management software collects data from a job, stores it into the categories you need, and gives you specific insight into each project. With all of this information in one central spot, you can now hold the correct people accountable for any missteps on a project.

Eliminates risk and compliance issues.

At any company, it’s frowned upon to keep certain records tucked away in a file cabinet, especially those with customer information on them. With multiple people at a construction business touching each project, sometimes those documents can be duplicated or stored in an unusual place. File management software is a key part of eliminating that problem and mitigating those compliance and security issues.

Easy portfolio enhancement.

With smart phones and new drone technology, you can take photos of your work from all different angles. Keep them all stored in your construction file management software for easy access when bidding on a job, or just to showcase your best work.

It’s pretty clear that file management software is a must-have for your construction company. Better access to important information, faster data collection, and employee management all add up to a more efficient and profitable business.


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