Are you a stand out subcontractor?

From your seat, one of the most important facets of your job is winning a bid, but it’s also crucial to be recognized as a stand out subcontractor to the GCs you want to work for.

To do so, the GC needs to be impressed with you, your team, your skills, and your ability to maintain relationships.

Are you doing enough to be the stand out subcontractor in your specialty field?

If you’re following these four best practices, you’re sure to make the go-to list when a job is sent out to bid.

  1. Company and team experience

A Minnesota construction firm, Shingobee, said this is one of the first things they consider before adding a subcontractor to their recommended list. They said, “We seek out companies having a proven track record with expertise in their field. We [also] look at the individual qualifications and experience of the proposed project manager assigned to the project.”

Reputation is built in many ways: through word of mouth, a thoughtfully built website, testimonials, and previous work history. But if you’re going for a job with a GC you’ve never worked with before, you want to have these details easily accessible during the bid phase. If you’re using a tool like Thunderbolt Pipeline to upload and store photos, documentation, as well as adding project tags – you can easily reference your previous successful jobs when you go to submit your bid.

  1. Ability to meet deadlines

Think of impressing a general contractor like you would your boss. Would you show up late to a job interview? Or fall behind on important deadlines? Of course not – and general contractors expect the same level of precision. In an extremely deadline-driven field, GCs want to know they can rely on you to get the job done – starting with turning in bids on time and ending with a finished project by the completion date.

Some subcontractors struggle because they’re spending so much time feeding the bid-invite beast (especially if it’s without the help of technology). Using a bid tracking software program gives you the visibility you need to prioritize the bids that will be the most profitable as well as hold the highest likelihood of winning.

  1. Labor guarantee

General contractors want to know that you have the resources and the staffing to get their job done. Shingobee explains, “We examine the depths of their staffing resources and training programs. Your project should be their priority.” Keeping tabs on your labor and materials is key to understanding just how far you can go on a project so that you are able provide this sort of guarantee to the GC.

Software like Thunderbolt gives you tools to forecast your labor needs and plan ahead, so you can attract the proper talent for any upcoming jobs. And with the ability to assign tasks, you can ensure your team is getting where they need to go on time.

  1.  Relationships

Finally, many general contractors want to hire subs they know are in it for the long-haul. Much like Shingobee, they’ll want to add you to their form of a “recommended” list, they want to find that stand out subcontractor who they can turn to in the future, not just use your company for one project. Bidding on time, following through on promises, and even following up on lost bids, are all ways to show your commitment to building a lasting relationship, and it will really make you a stand out subcontractor among the rest.

These four qualities, when brought to the bidding table, will go a long way in impressing a general contractor. Investing in technology and a good, solid team will put you on the path to becoming a stand out subcontractor in your specialty field.

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