Construction App-reciation

Construction is beautiful


Construction has it all. Sleek lines, pleasing patterns, and outright awesome details. While we would love to appreciate all these details in person, we’re living in a world where half of our day is spent looking at screens. Smartphones, computers, tablets – you name it. In the construction realm, breaks are spent not only catching up with friends and coworkers, but catching up on social media.

Maybe you’re posting a funny meme to a fellow construction friend on Facebook, or updating people on your worksite via Snapchat. The limits of social media are endless, but it’s time for there to be an app made for guys and girls interested in the beauty of construction and architecture.

Enter- theBolt. A platform for you and your company to share the work and fun that goes along with what you do day in and day out.  theBolt, sponsored by Thunderbolt Innovation, is an app where you can upload photos with captions and links to share what you’re proud of or what blows your mind everyday.

Construction culture is something that is prominent in our society, so why not celebrate it? The men and women who work all hours making society not only function, but look amazing, should have an awesome hub to share and admire each other’s work.

theBolt allows you to do just that! The Thunderbolt team will carefully curate galleries of photographs to show what goes behind the scenes of the buildings and infrastructure that we all work and play on every day – with ample room for humor and intrigue.

The founder of theBolt, Sean Hussey, sends along his hopes for the app “theBolt allows people to be inspired by your work, the new generations will see the innovative work happening in the field and could be your next hire. theBolt is free to use and free to upload individual photos. Let the world see your masterpiece and craftsmanship”.

The galleries will be all categorized for easy navigation, and the more photos we get the more galleries we’ll share. So sign up today to be notified when the app is released. We will also be reaching out when we’re ready to accept photographs for the initial release of theBolt. If you’re company wishes to sponsor an entire gallery and load up photos of their work just reach out to us at


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