The Industry’s Fastest Growing Construction Careers

The construction industry offers a variety of jobs that are increasing at an enormous rate.

The construction industry is more diverse than you would think. Regardless of the role, most construction careers require a lot of problem solving and self-motivation. As a young adult, coming out of school can be daunting. Thankfully, the construction industry offers a variety of jobs that are increasing at an enormous rate.


If working in a fast-paced environment sounds like a good fit, check out these five growing construction careers!

  1. Plumbing – Plumbers are set to see around 16% growth within the next 10 years. Working closely with project managers in bigger picture settings, and one-on-one with customers in the home setting, plumbers see a versatile work schedule on a regular basis. Plumbers require a knowledge of pipes and water systems in a variety of building types, as well as knowledge of appliances that connect with the building’s pipes.

2. Elevators – Elevator related jobs are also poised for growth in the upcoming years. Installation and repairs are among these areas of projected growth. These jobs often require certifications to ensure the quality and safety of elevators. Regular check-up of older elevators, as well as new projects are the main components of the job.

3. Solar Jobs – Possibly the fastest growing trade in the construction industry today is solar. So naturally, solar related construction careers will be in high demand for the years to come. Solar panel installation is important for residential and commercial design, and the job is ideal for someone with knowledge about the impact of solar technology in building. The limits are endless as we see construction turning more and more green over time.

4. Laborers – Labor jobs are seeing a 13% growth through 2026. This is not surprising, because laborers are the backbone of any construction project. Working onsite with heavy machinery and equipment requires physical strength as well as operational knowledge. More hands-on job experience individuals get, the more their skills will grow. With the right attitude, they will be a major contributor to the big picture.

5. Ironworks – Working in this trade means having an array of strengths. The bridge-building discipline has workers complete an apprenticeship before getting to the real job. Proper safety requirements must be met always, and an interest in architecture could give a potential hire the upper hand, as blueprint reading is a must for this trade.


Consultants, contractors, and subcontractors are all looking to fill disciplines in their fields with vibrant and outgoing employees. Above we saw just a few of the construction careers poised for growth in the next few years. Recent graduates or those looking for a career change of pace should consider getting involved in the construction industry.

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