Ditch Your Construction Spreadsheets

Why should you ditch your construction spreadsheets?

You know the construction industry is changing; moving more and more digital.

When you ditch your construction spreadsheets and invest in one of those technologies, a CRM system, you significantly improve the operations of your construction business.

Here are four reasons why you need to ditch your construction spreadsheets and go digital in 2020:

1. Greater visibility and insight

Management, estimators, project managers and business development need to know what’s going on at every job – how many workers you need, what resources are being used, timeline on each project. With a CRM you can use on-the-go on a mobile phone or tablet, you can access all of that and more. This insight will help give you better visibility into the inner workings of your construction company.

2. More efficient bid tracking

Keep tabs on what jobs are being bid on and follow them all the way from pending to awarded. Construction spreadsheets can’t send you a reminder to follow up with a client for a hot job. With CRM technology, you can also keep all the notes and documents for a project together from bid to completion.

3. Resource allocation

Because CRM apps give you insight into upcoming projects for the entire year, you are better able to allocate resources to each job. You will know exactly what is needed in what time frame, and how many employees you will need to do each job. This helps you budget and plan your workforce, keeping operations running smoothly.

4. Get real-time updates

With customizable reporting features and mobile functionality, you can see everything you want to know in real time.

Watch this short video to see how Metro Walls of Manchester, NH benefited by getting in front of industry trends with Thunderbolt Pipeline.

Can we help you ditch your construction spreadsheets and finish 2019 strong and make 2020 a record year with new technology?

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