Essential Gear for Summer

The temps are warm and your busy season is here, do you have the essential gear for summer? 

As the season goes buzzing along, you inevitably find certain summer staples from last year need some updating.

Be it form or function here is a list of the newest gear out in the marketplace that is designed to help keep you and your team cool, protected, and comfortable. 

Essential Gear For Summer

  1. Slip-resistant boots: Regardless of weather, projects have to get done despite wet conditions. Slip-resistant boots should be worn at all times to prevent accidents. Rain alone causes a hazard, but when it’s mixed with sand or dirt it can be even worse. These boots from Keen help to reduce the danger of slipping when climbing on heavy machinery or up on a roof, so it’s rightfully at the top of the essential gear for summer list.
  2. Waterproof phone case: Because you never know what mother nature has in store, and phones are so darn expensive, it’s a smart move to grab some protective gear for your tech. The Phoozy XP3 is sink proof, drop proof and protects against cold or heat. 
  3. Sun protection: You want to comply with OSHA’s Water-Rest-dShade Initiative, so consider this portable sun protection canopy. You can also provide sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15, sun-resistant clothing including long sleeves, pants, hats, gloves, and sunglasses.
  4. Cooling vest: Didn’t know this was even something you could buy? You can also do a quick search on Amazon and you’ll find a towel that can help keep you cool when you’re working outside in the heat. You’d be surprised how far something so simple will go so far.
  5. Water stations: Here’s where dehydration really starts kicking in, so it’s important to take steps to keep your workers hydrated. Make sure they know the dangers (and warning signs) of not drinking enough water and suggest a limit of sugary foods and drinks during the hottest days on the job. You can help encourage this by providing  water stations and drink coolers (check out the LoadOut GoBox from Yeti).

Your team will thank you for the gear refresh. And if you’re one of those kick starter types, check out this ultralight packable stool from BTR (better than a rock) for when you just need to have a seat (due out April 2020). What is on your essential gear for summer list? 

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