Your Guide to Buying Construction Software

It pays to have a program you can rely on


It’s the end of the work day. You’re tired, fulfilled, and looking forward to relaxing at home in preparation for what tomorrow has in store. As you lean back in your favorite chair, you reflect on how well the day went – and what made it run so smoothly.

What were the steps taken to ensure the safety and quality of the employees and the work day? In the construction industry, it pays to care about these things – therefore it pays to have a program you can rely on.


Here we will walk through some of the steps to take and important traits to look for when buying dependable software for your business.


  1. Identify your company needs – Too often, a company will buy software that only hits a few items on their pain points list. They are stuck in a limbo between 100% operational and filling in gaps manually that their software couldn’t address properly. At Thunderbolt, we’re all about versatility in the workplace. Our program is designed and shaped by feedback and requests from a variety of specialty contractors – making it useful for drywallers, mechanical firms, electricians and many other trades. It’s useful at the Sub-Contractor level, and  with the addition of Compliance and Resource Planning, it benefits General Contractors as well.


  1. Look for solutions in the demo – Set up a demo with your intended software! It’s the best way to determine whether or not this will be the right fit for you and your company. A great way to see how the program will operate throughout the company is to demo it with a few people at different levels in the company. Thunderbolt offers a great communication platform for people to connect and collaborate at all stages of the project. This makes it easy to keep track of everyone’s responsibility at any given time, and at any level.


  1. Invest in the software 100% – When using a software, many companies fall into the same pattern. They invest in using the software, and after a few weeks – they are back to whiteboards and spreadsheets because they never took the time to get integrated in the system. When it comes to switching platforms, you need to commit 100%. That means importing old data and projects to get you used to the system. Luckily, Thunderbolt has an amazing import tool that will upload all clunky spreadsheets onto our platform without the headache of manual entry and time crunch. Quick, easy, and dependable.


Thunderbolt’s Compliance tool alerts you so can take action on the top compliance issues. Whether it is regulatory safety compliance for your company or payroll compliance for your subcontractors, prevent costly fines with our application. The Resource Planning tool allows you to quickly assign equipment and crews to jobs and quickly identify conflicts and how best to repurpose labor or equipment.


Our import tool allows companies to get into our system at a fraction of the time it takes for other softwares, making the transition easy on everyone. Communication is important in any business setting, especially construction. Our software allows for communication at any point in the project, making things run safe and smooth throughout the day. Think about the importance of these things to your company next time you begin looking for software.

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