Three Steps to Being Successful with Thunderbolt Pipeline

Three steps away to Superhero status at your company!

Be a Super Hero

By taking the first step to using Thunderbolt Pipeline, you’ve elevated yourself to Sidekick status at your company, almost there.
Now take these three easy steps and get that Superhero status!


Login to the application by clicking here: using your email and the password you’ve selected. If you forgot your password click ‘Forgot Password?’ to reset it.

Step 1.  Add your team members so they can benefit from Thunderbolt Pipeline. First leap towards super powers.

You can collaborate on projects, assign tasks, share documents, and be overall awesome together!

  • Click on the Admin icon in the Top Menu.
  • From there, click on Tab 5 Users.
  • Add their name, select a role, add their email, and choose a password for them.
    • If you are unsure of a certain role, for now you can select admin and they will see all of the application. This can be changed later.

Once you’ve added other users in your company, make sure you share with them the link and the password you chose for them which they can reset once they login. Something like this:

Hi Jenn,

I’ve invited you to collaborate with us on projects in Thunderbolt Pipeline.

You can login by clicking this link:

Use your email as your username, and for the password I chose: temporarysecretpassword. You can reset this by clicking ‘Forgot Password?’ on the login screen, or by clicking the User Icon and Settings when you log in.

I’ve already assigned a project to you and uploaded some notes on the latest project. I would love it if you could upload the plan.  You can also view this on your mobile devices by pointing the browser on your tablet or phone to the same link above. Pretty sweet!

Regards, Me

Step 2. Add more projects – Getting Close to that cape!

Thunderbolt Pipeline allows you to track projects all the way from Invite to Bids, Proposed, Awarded, and Completed projects. It is truly an end to end solution for your company. There are a few places you can add a bid or project into Thunderbolt Pipeline, but we will start by adding a project on the Bids page.

Thunderbolt Pipeline Bids Menu

  • Click on the Bids icon in the Top menu.
  • Click the green ‘Add Bid’ button.
  • Fill out as much information as you know. You can click the + icon next to Customer to create a new customer, and then select it from the drop down. You can do the same with Contacts and Project Types.
  • Project Types are a way to break up your projects into the various categories of work. For instance, one company might choose Residential – Wood Framed Colonial, Residential – Wood Framed A-Frame, Commercial – Metal Framed Retail etc. In the dashboard you will be able to see different metrics based on Project Types.
  • For Status:
    • Budget  – A project you’ve heard about but are unsure if you will bid on it.
    • Scheduled – Your company is working on a bid to propose to a customer. These show on the Schedule Page.
    • Pending – You have sent the proposal to the customer and are negotiating final terms and waiting to hear back. These show on the Bids Page.
    • Awarded / Lost – You’ve heard back and have either won or lost the job. Awarded jobs show on the Current Page and Lost jobs can be viewed on the dashboard.
    • Completed – You’ve completed the project. These are available in the Dashboard as well as by clicking ‘Show All’ on the Bids Page.

Now enter a few more that you are actively working on. As you get to including all of your projects past and present, your company will truly have a complete 10,000 ft view of the business in Thunderbolt Pipeline.

Step 3. Add some tasks, files or notes. Final mission to Superhero status.

This is where the fun starts! Tasks, files, and notes will show up in real time for everyone. If you add a file from your phone in the field; perhaps taking a picture of that completed building, or the detailed finish work, that photo will show up in the office right away. Team members can even add themselves as a Watcher on certain projects and be emailed when anything is updated.

  • Click on a project’s row to expand the information. You can do this on any device anywhere and always see the most current information.
  • Click on the + next to Tasks and assign yourself or someone else a task. They will see these when they login and get notified if you have notifications turned on in the Admin Screen (Tab 1)
  • Click on the + next to Notes and Files. You can add notes about recent updates, customer calls, or emails. You can add project files, messages or any file to the bid.
  • If you select Private on the File upload window only you will see the file.
  • Pro – Tip: Files can also be uploaded and not associated with a project by clicking on the Company name in the Top menu. Here you can store Proposal Templates, Price Sheets, or any file that you may want to share company-wide.

You are now officially a Superhero, what color do you want your cape?
Your company is now on its way to Crushing the Competition!

While your competition is passing around spreadsheets, calling back and forth for the latest updates, or contact information to deal with the newest request from the customer, you’ll be sending in an updated bid and winning the job.

What’s next? If you have more questions or you’d like our team to help pitch this to the decision maker, reach out to us! Either click the Support Button  Support Buttonin the application, email your Customer Success Specialist, or reach out to us at We are here to help you be successful!


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