Thunderbolt’s Gear Guide: Must Have Gear For Winter Jobs

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean construction projects come to a halt.

Very few home or business owners will opt to start a construction project in the winter if given the choice, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Emergencies come up or timelines change, and the work becomes necessary.

While it’s nice to stay busy throughout the year, working in the winter comes with obvious challenges: hypothermia, frostbite, snow removal, and slippery conditions. Here’s a list of the top gear you won’t want to go without.

Best Gear for Winter Jobs

  1. Gloves: Check out SuperiorGlove’s Water-Tite waterproof fabrication. Superior Glove also offers traditional wool and nylon blends, calfskin leather and Thermolite. So many options to keep your hands protected and warm, without compromising comfort or dexterity,
  2. Multiple layers: wearing tight clothing inhibits circulation so you are better off wearing multiple layers to create an insulation effect. Check out this Smartwool base layer, it’s pricy – but the merino wool naturally evades smells that other fabrics would cling onto. Pair it with this new quilt lined Carhartt overall for your outer layer (especially if snow is in the forecast).
  3. Winter Phone Dilemas: One less commonly discussed problem that outdoor workers face in winter: phones dying from cold. Check out the new Skyrun jacket from endurance-apparel brand Daehlie. The chest pocket is lined with a sheet of Aerogel, a thin but extremely warm material that offers top-end insulation.
  4. Warm liquids and water: Just because the temperatures are cold doesn’t mean dehydration shouldn’t be a concern. Between the dry air and the body working in overdrive to prevent hypothermia, your body is being drained of essential fluids. Check out this to-go tumbler from OtterBox to keep warm liquids warm.
  5. Boots: Wolverine’s newest made in the USA work boot features their vaunted Durashocks high abrasion outsole and a removable Durashocks dual-density footbed. Waterproof full-grain leather will keep your feet dry and warm in the toughest conditions. Available in 6″, 8″, and 10″ heights with a composite or soft toe for protection.

Quality gear for winter jobs is worth the investment to make sure you have a successful, safe, and profitable winter doing what you do best.

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