Why Construction Bid Management Matters for Your Businesses

Construction bid management software is a game-changer when it comes to efficiency in running your business


The construction industry hasn’t been big on the adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or bid management software, but that’s all about to change. As the needs of customers and the industry changes, construction companies are realizing they have to get up to speed. 

Construction bid management software is a game-changer when it comes to efficiency in running your business, and here are some reasons why.

Pipeline Tracking

One of the things contractors love about bid management technology is pipeline tracking. You can see what projects you’re bidding on, where in the sales process each project is, when activities were completed, and more. But the best part is, you can access all of this on the go from a mobile device.


Mobile-friendliness is a huge component to any type of software, but especially so in the construction industry. More than likely, you are bouncing around from job site to job site every day with little time to check in on project progress. With a bid management system, you can keep tabs on everything right from your cell phone or tablet.

Bid Tracking

Another key component to bid management software is the ability to track bids from pending to awarded. Your business thrives on the amount of bids you (and your project managers) win. You also need to know how many resources you’re going to need based on how many upcoming projects there are. A CRM system with bid management allows you to do all of that so you don’t ever have to guess.



Speaking of resources, many softwares will actually show you all of your upcoming projects for the entire year. This way, you can assign PMs, plan for laborers, and access all the appropriate resources before each job. No guessing!


So all in all, why does a bid management software matter for construction? Because everything we just mentioned (and more) is automated and can be accessed wherever you are all from one place. The future is with the new technology, not the old, outdated and inefficient manual processes you might be used to. It’s time to switch it up and invest in a software for your construction company.

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