Features your construction bid management software should have

Stay ahead of the curve.

By now, you may have heard the chatter around construction technology. Mainly, what the benefits are to your company. But have you done your research and decided exactly what features your construction bid management software should have?

Thunderbolt Pipeline has created a bid management technology that users say is a “dream come true for our sales team” and that it “gives us the tools we need to stay ahead of the curve.”


What is it about the technology specifically that our users like? We’ll tell you. And whether you like Thunderbolt or not, when you go searching for your own bid management software these are the features that will make the most impact on your business.

  1. Workforce planning: With this feature, you can determine how many workers you will need for each part of every project for the entire year. Because of the workforce shortage of skilled laborers, this functionality allows you the time to find the workers you need for each job. It provides you with the data to help you make better decisions, make your daily jobs easier, and give you the competitive advantage.
  2. Pending to awarded functionality: You can move pending projects automatically to won and track everything with it including PM, files, notes, and anything else that follows the project.
  3. Hot jobs: A “hot jobs” section gives you the chance to look at pending bids. This means that during slow times you can say “I need to take on this project in this month to keep my guys busy, so let’s lower the bid.”
  4. Employee management: As an owner or project manager, you can see what employees have been doing all year, how many bids they have, how many they’ve won, etc.
  5. Project type: Keep track of all your projects so you can look back high level and see what your “niche” market is. This is useful when trying to decide what type of project to take on next – might be best to stay within your niche to keep costs low.
  6. See lost bids: Track how many bids were lost and, if the information is available, see who they were lost to.
  7. Resource usage: See currently unassigned projects to help you assign Project Managers.
  8. Customized reporting: It’s important to have the ability to customize the fields you need when building a report so you can see exactly the right data points.

If you are interested in hearing more about our bid management software, contact Thunderbolt. But no matter where you go for your technology, we hope you find one that has all the features your business needs.



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