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Thunderbolt Innovation is adding to it’s product suite with Mobile Foreman. The last mobile application your foreman will ever use.

Mobile Foreman

Three core features will be in the application to start

  • Crew Time Tracking – Easily from any iOS or Android mobile device enter time for your crew at the job site.
  • Requests – Need more material or a piece of equipment – Enter the request and even snap a picture and send it right to the office.
  • Daily Log – Enter your dailies as you go, no more wasting an hour at the end of the day trying to recall everything that happened.

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Mobile Applications are making Foreman and Supers more efficient

Mobile applications are making job sites more efficient than ever for the Foreman and Supervisors. There are projected to be more than 250 Million smart phones in the US alone according to  Jobsite talks about how mobile phones have changed construction.  The difference is that people are more likely to take action in the moment they have the need. With a mobile application at hand small tasks get done immediately and this prevents forgotten details, missed information and dropped balls.

How Mobile Foreman™ can help your team

Being able to make a request wherever and whenever they need it will prevent lost days because they waited until after the Project Manager was gone for the day to request that repair or additional piece of equipment. Tracking Crew time in one convenient easy to use interface will ensure that payroll get’s accurately made every day. And gone are the days of waiting until the last hour to put together today’s log; capture each moment when it happens and never have to put a Daily Log together again.

Don’t delay – reach out to us today and start empowering your teams to be the best they can be. Contact Us Today.

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