New Features Coming Soon – Document Storage, Notifications and Tagging

Become a customer by 4/1/2017 to lock in 20GB Upgraded Storage for FREE!

The new version of Thunderbolt Pipeline which will be released this month includes three of the most requested features by our customers. Read more to see how you can get locked in with 20GB of free file storage for your company if you become a customer by 4/1/2017. That is over 4X as much as we will offer customers going forward. Act fast before this offer expires!

Construction CRM Document Storage

Document storage will allow your company to keep track of important files for each bid throughout the life of the project from bidding all the way to project completion. Your team will be able to access files on the road, at work sites, on mobile phones and laptops. Save your e-mail by sharing these files on the Thunderbolt Pipeline platform. Use our task feature to assign updates to documents from different project team members. Then using our Watchers functionality, you’ll be notified when a new file is updated to a certain bid or project. The flexibility Thunderbolt Pipeline gives you is limitless. Untie yourself from the office and work when and where you need to! Click here to contact us now to get started!


Also subscribe to watch a project or bid and get notified when anyone updates information for that project. You’ll be notified by email when tasks are completed or if the confidence that you’ll get the job increases. Even better be instantly notified when your team is awarded a big win! Click here to contact us now to get started!

Finally you’ll be able to tag a project with anything you want. Get a view of how your subcontractors are working out by tagging the projects with the Construction CRM Anywheresubcontractors name. Then view the projects and see how the final numbers worked out for that


subcontractor. Or if you use different heating systems for your business you can tag the projects with the type of heating system to be able to provide even better reports for each product; you may even find that using one over the other ends up with a higher profit margin because of less change requests.

Any way you look at it, Thunderbolt Pipeline gives your company an edge over the competition to make the right decisions to continue growing your business. Learn how to get a free trial, no credit card necessary and nothing to install. Thunderbolt Pipeline runs in the cloud. Click here to contact us now to get started! ( And mention this post to get 20GB of FREE storage if you sign-up before 4/1/2017)



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