How to stick to your construction project deadlines

As you know, deadlines can make or break a construction project. Missing them could cost you time, money, and possibly even clients. There are so many parts of a construction job that it can often be easy to fall behind. Though construction projects are typically intense, expensive, and stressful, we don’t want you to worry. Here are some ways to better manage your construction project deadlines.

  1. Hire a project manager: Chances are, you have one of these already. But for those of you that don’t, here’s why they’re important. You can’t do it all – you’re trying to run a business and have so many things on your plate. Project managers are trained in assigning tasks to the right people, overseeing jobs, ensuring safety, and keeping track of deadlines. When there is one dedicated person to do all of that, staying within a deadline doesn’t seem so hard.
  2. Use technology: There is construction technology out there that specifically helps with project management. With technology like Thunderbolt, you can view the materials you’ll need, what types of workers will be required, what the budget for the job will be, and you can keep track of all necessary documents. Having everything all in one place not only makes every job more efficient, but it eliminates errors and opportunities for setback.
  3. Identify potential problems early: You will likely get the plans for a job months in advance. Get your team to review them and identify where they think a problem might occur, then solve for it. If you are prepared for a certain aspect of the job to take a little longer, you can give a more realistic deadline.
  4. Choose a good material manufacturer: You are not in control of material production and can’t predict when they’ll show up a job. However, some manufacturers are known for being “contractor-friendy” and having fast lead times. Plus, with technology that helps you understand the materials you’ll need in advance, you can work with your manufacturer to make sure you get everything you need with plenty of time.
  5. Stick to the plan: It’s not uncommon for little details to change throughout a construction project, but when it comes to the big stuff – roofing, plumbing, flooring – it’s important to stick to the original plan. Let the client know from the get go that changing those things halfway in would be a big hit to the budget and timeline.

The last thing we want to tell you is this: Anticipate missed deadlines before they happen. Sound obvious? Well, it is. But we know most people try to have the “glass half full” kind of mentality. When it comes to construction projects, though, you really should always think that something will hold it up. Be it late materials or unexpected problems at the job site, these are things you can’t control and will set you back. Knowing all of this ahead of time will help you to prepare a little better and not be as flustered if it does happen.

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